Descendants of John Jaffray
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51 "John Florence in the parish of Culsalmond had a child born in fornication with Anne Robertson and baptised George" This from the baptism record 11 Aug 1821 Culsalmond
No subsequent marriage found between this couple but Ann married ----------Florence, slate quarrier This is mentioned on the death certificate of son George along with reported father John Florence, crofter and gravedigger

Ann Robertson subquently married a William Florence 6 Feb 1830 Rhynie and Essie
Researcher Irene Buchan says "I am inclined to believe that this Ann was mother of our George" I agree

The 1881 Census lists a Widowed Ann Florence age 79 born Gartly and living at Bridgefoot Oyne with an Elizabeth Grant lodger born Aberdeen This may well be our Anne Robertson who died in Bridgefoot Oyne in 1889 The age is slightly out from the birth date 
Robertson, Anne (I2272)
52 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I2255)
53 . On his sons birth certificate(George) occupation given as farm labourer
On the Census of 1861 his occupation is given as ploughman raising his family in a house with 1 room having one or more windows
Children 1to 6 are listed on the census return (Son George Gray is child no. 6 born 1960)

Marriage details found on the IGI, married in Alvah, followed by birth/baptisms for the children except John. (Parish register for Alvah is on micro film reel 35 mm FLH British Film 990814 also Vault British Film 102396)
Parish Registers 1717---1854. Church of Scotland Parish Church of Alvah Banff Micro Film of OPR ms No 146 New register House Edinburgh Contents Baptisms 1718---1819 Marriages 1720---1819
" Baptisms 1820--1854 Marriages 1820---1854

!881 Census Alexander Gray Millbithill Marnoch Banff Occupation Agricultural Labourer age 56 born Banff Wife Catherine age 54 and three grandchildren George Gray age 7 Alexander Gray age 5 and Mary Kate Gray age 2 The first grand child George is the illegimate son of Elsie and Mary Kate is the illegitimate daughter of Catherine but Alexander age 5 is a mystery I have a birth registration dated 15 Nov 1875 for him father Alexander Gray and mother Mary Callam registered Marnoch but I suspect he is not "ours" and should have been listed as a boarder
1901 Census Milbethill Cottage Alexander and Catherine Gray are living together He is aged 77 and she is aged 76 no one else is listed
Registration of death Alexander Gray at Aberchirder 18 Dec 1901 Registrar Henry Wilson Place of death Milbethill Marnoch Age 78 Cause of death Cardiac disease Described as Crofter married to Catherine MacIntosh, Father- William Gray, Mother- Christian Chalmers Informant is Elsie Gray daughter 
Gray, Alexander (I500)
54 1641 Census Enu Thomas Parnell Withybrook (ProHo 107 1136/30) Living in house 30 Joseph Goddard age 35 Bricklayer wife Mary age 40 Elizabeth12 Ann 10 Sarah 5 William 1 Goddard, Joseph (I2781)
55 1841 Ardoyne Coutts William age 20 agricultural labourer and Isabel also age 20 (presumably wife)
Alexander Coutts age 2 Elspet Coutts age 1 year and James Duffus Ag Labourer Age 20

In 1851 Alexander now age 12 employed at farm Elspet age 10 and Jane Coutts age 9 are with Alexander Nichol farmer of 40 acres at Ardoyne His mother Jane Nichol age 69 a widow is house keeper and also his sister Isabel Nichol widow age 31 employed at home From these bald facts it is not possible to guess at the circumstances 
Coutts, William (I3756)
56 1841 Census Enu3 page 5 Oyne West Craigford Alexander Jaffray farmer age 50
Wife Elspet Jaffray also age 50 son Alexander age 26 dau Jean age 15 dau Susan age 14 Dau Margaret Age 11 son Charles age 9 dau Elspet age 4 and son Alexander age 3 ( I have a slight problem with the last Alexander in view of the name already in use must be grandson )

1851 Census GRO Dist 1 Page 10/11 Abdn West Craigford Oyne
Alexander Jaffray Head married Age 62 occupation farmer 38 Acres born Chapel of Garioch
Elspet Jaffray Married aged 60 born Cluny
Alexander Jaffray son unmarried aged 33 farmers son born Oyne
Susan Jaffray Daughter Unmarried aged 23 born Oyne
Margaret Jaffray Daughter Unmarried aged 21 born Oyne
Elspet Jaffray Daughter Unmarried aged 14 born Oyne

1861 Enu 3 page8 Incorrectly noted as "East" Craigford meaning West
Alexander Jaffray Widower age 73 Farmer 45 acres born Chapel of Garioch dau Susan age 33 unmarried dau Elspet age 24 also unmarried Grandson Adam Mitchell age 8 scholar and John Souter grandson age 11 surprisingly listed as farm servant also Son Alexander Jaffray Head age 43 Ploughman born Oyne and his wife Susan age 32 born Oyne with their two children Alexander age 5 and Susan age 3
An Inventory of the personal estate of Alexander Jaffray is drawn at Aberdeen on the 24th day of December 1863 He died intestate on the first day of November 1863 The estate is valued at £290 and 13 shillings Debts due to the deceased include £5 from George Murray of Craigmill Pittodrie Somewhat drily the assessor says "Upon this debt no value can be put" so it is not included
I asume that the Inventory is necessary for the handover of the estate to his son Alexander Jaffrey who is about to enter upon the possession and management of the deceased's personal estate

Two stones in Logie Durno kirkyard commemorate various members of this family

In memory of William Jaffrey
son of Alexander Jaffrey farmer in Hatton Parish of Oyne 27 Sept 1827 age 6
His son James d 17 Feb 1832 age 13
Elspet Skene wife of the above Alexander Jaffrey d 14 Aug 1857 age 67

Erected by Elspet Jaffray in memory of her father Alexander Jaffray farmer West Craigford Oyne
d I Nov 1863 aged 75 her mother Elspet Skene d 14 Aug 1857 age 67
their sons William d 27 Sept 1827 aged 6 James d 17 Feb 1837 age 13 
Jaffray, Alexander (I30)
57 1841 CensusEnu 5 Page 3 Bogmill Chapel of Garioch
John Smith Farmer age 79 Ann Smith age 60 (presumably farmers wife )
John Smith age 30 Margaret Smith age 20 (Not certain about Margaret) Cirsten Smith age 16(presumably Christian ) then three labourers William Mill age 25 Francis Smith age 15 William Mennie age 15

The first census 1841 was very suspect as regards ages and so it would appear here Ages had to be rounded up or down to the nearest 5 years and also Margaret appears to be a stray as we have not got her on the list of baptisms for this family

1851 Census Enu 5 page 11 Bogmill
John Smith Head farmer of 75 acres born C of Garioch age 46 Unmarried (Eldest son has taken over?)
Ann Smith mother widow age 73 and housekeeper born Keithhall (age now tallies)
Alexander Smith brother unmarried age 41 farm servant born C.of Garioch
Margaret Smith sister unmarried age 33 House servant born C of Garioch (looks like she got missed off baptism list)
Christian Smith sister unmarried age 25 (Age is rough tally) house servant also an errand boy John Sharp age 13

1861 Census Enu 5 Page 6 Bogmill Chapel of Garioch
John Smith Head unmarried age 56 farmer of 80 acres
Ann Smith mother Widow age 82 Margaret Smith sister unmarried age 41 and Christian Smith sister unmarried age 35 There are also two employees Wm Sutherland ploughman age 28 and John Littlejohn cattleman age 18 
Smith, John (I87)
58 1841Census
Dwelling Bogfountain Forgue Aberdeenshire
Peter Wight aged 64
Barbara Wight wife aged 66
Robert Burr aged 8 employed as apprentice labourer (probably Robert Burr and Chritian Wights oldest son) 
Burr, Robert (I1719)
59 1851 census Dwelling place Starbriggs Fyvie
Martha Burr aged 69 pauper blind
Ann Paul aged 51 unmarried Knitter
James Stephen grandson aged13
William Duguid grandson scholar aged 8

1881 Census Dwelling Lambhill Fyvie
James Stephen head of household farm servant aged 43 born Fyvie
Hellen Stephen wife 42
Alexander Stephen son aged 12
James Stephen son aged 10
Maggie Stephen daughter aged 8
William Stephen son aged 5 
Stephen, James (I853)
60 1857 Whites
Jonathan Adlington No 68 Wilmot Street Derby Organist of Southwell Minster 
Adlington, Jonathan (I3074)
61 1861 Census Dwelling Bogfountain Forgue
Barbara Wight Head of household widow aged 84
Francis Wight grandson unmarried aged 24
Catherine Burr Grand-daughter unmarried aged 15 general servant born Forgue 
Wight, Francis (I1705)
62 1861 Census Dwelling place Tifty Fyvie

George Beaverley head married 63 blacksmith born Fyvie
Sarah Beaverley wife aged 65 "
Sarah Beaverley daughter unmarried aged 22 "
Jean Beaverley daughter unmarried aged 18 "
Agnes Horn sister in law unmarried aged 79 born Fyvie
George Burr grandson unmarried aged 18 blacksmith born Fyvie
Sarah Ross grand-daughter aged 4 "

1881 Census Dwelling Tifty Fyvie
George Burr occupation blacksmith 
Burr, George (I1416)
63 1861 Census Dwelling Uppermill Auchterless
John Shiner head of household
Christian Shiner Wife
Barbara Burr unmarried servant 23

1881 Census
Dwelling Slackend Forgue
Francis Wight head aged 51farmer 72 acres born Forgue
Barbara Wight aged 46 wife "
Maggie Wight aged 17 "
Jane Wight aged 12 "
John Wight aged 10 "
Francis son aged 9 "
Agnes daughter aged 5 "

Employees 1man 1girl living at Slackend Forgue
More about Barbara Burr Christened 26 March 1835 Culsalmond 
Burr, Barbara (I1547)
64 1861 Census Holy Well Farm Winkburn
Elizabeth Adlington (nee Radford) head widow age 53 b Skegby farmer of 200 acres emp 1 labourerand 3 servamts
George son married age 30 farmer b Winkburn
Cecelia dau in law age 28 farmers wife b Greenwich Kent
Joseph Son age 14 b Winkburn
Samuel grandson age 3 b Burringham Lincoln
Thomas grandson age 1 b Mickley Notts 
Radford, Elizabeth (I5869)
65 1861 Census Living at Chapel croft with 12 children I have left out three as there is a conflict of names and or dates
First child Mary was born at Cullen July 1808 after which the family returned to Auchterless living at Arnhead until his father died in 1810 when he took the tenancy of Kirktonford 
Tocher, Alexander (I3732)
66 1861 census Occupation knitter living at home
1881 Census Unmarried age 42 Living with her mother also Catherine at Wartle 
Burr, Catherine (I778)
67 1861 Census Skegby mill William head unmarried age25 Corn miller employing 10 servants on 30 acres also Martha sister age23 and sister Sarah age21 both unmarried Also builder and brickmaker
His son Richard was corn miller Tower Mill Sutton Juncton 
Adlington, William Downing (I5528)
68 1861 Scottish Census William Adlington born 1837 England (lodger) Professor of Music Aberdeen conducted Aberdeen University Orchestra
!901 Concert Director -mansger friend and biographer of Paderewski painist and composer 
Adlington, William (I5670)
69 1862 William Adlington was a butcher at Sutton in Ashfield
1864-1867 carter to a miller who is likely to have been Anne Adlington widow of Uncle Richard then cousin William Downing Adlington
1872 Husbandman ie farmers foreman
1874 -1878 mineral labourer
1881 farmer 
Adlington, William (I5482)
70 1871 Census North Sunside Rayne William Alexander head age 50 is farming 27 acres with his wife Isabella also age 50 and son Robert age14 farmers son and Jane age 11 scholar They have a servant Margaret Coutts age 19
!881 Census Dwelling North Sunside Wartle, William Alexander age 60 born Rayne and his wife Isabella also 60 born Daviot with son Robert age 25 and Daughter Jane age 21
Farmer of 27 Acres arable
William was an Elder of the Kirk at Rayne and he features in a photo of the group of Elders along with the minister
A photograph taken at the time of his golden wedding shows his family of four children with their spouses and another from that same occasion shows some of the grandchildren in attendance 
Alexander, William (I220)
71 1871 Census Dwelling place Bluewell Rayne
Peter Burr aged 32 head
Mary Burr wife 27
James Burr aged 3
Peter Burr aged 2
Charles Burr aged 4 Months

!881 Census
John Tosher head Rayne
James Burr aged 13 
Burr, James (I1569)
72 1881 Census
Dwelling place Moss-side Tifty Fyvie
William Burr married head of household aged 66 crofter
Elizabeth Burr married aged 55 crofters wife
James Burr unmarried aged 26 son general labourer 
Burr, James (I1420)
73 1881 Census Servant at Greens New Macher Aberdeen Murray, James (I4717)
74 1881 Census Address Buchanston Oyne Adam Rhind, Farm Servant age 21 Born Insch
Wife Christine Rhind age 32 born Inverurie
Christian(or Christine) Florence married Adam Rhind (1 Dec 1880) and they had a daughter named Helen
Birth certificate of Daughter Helen received 30 Oct 2001 GRO Edinburgh
1901 Census Insch Village or hamlet of Boddam Adam Rhind Ploughman and worker age 41 born Insch and his wife Christina(?) age 52 born Oyne and three children Nellie (Helen) age 17 Dressmaker single born Insch Jeannie 14 Scholar born Insch and Ida age 11 Born Insch 
Rhind, Adam (I2281)
75 1881 Census age 39 born Tring occupation Poulterer living 5 Tabernacle Yd Tring Hereford

I have a marriage for a William Stevens married Elizabeth Chandler 7 Feb 1863 in Cheddington Bucks This is a possible regards date and location not too far but are they both born in Tring? 
Stevens, William (I4823)
76 1881 Census age 39 born Tring occuption Straw Plaiter Eliza (I4824)
77 1881 Census Dwelling 23 Gaelic Lane Aberdeen
John Burr head of household Mechanical engineer aged 40 born Rayne
Ann Burr wife 25
John Burr son aged 10 months
James Burr brother (to John) aged 30 harness maker

More about John Burr
1891 Residence 13 Wellington Street Aberdeen 
Burr, John (I779)
78 1881 census Dwelling Hillocks Rayne
James Mutch head of household farm servant
Sarah Mutch wife aged 37 born Fyvie
James Mutch aged 13 born Rayne
Jane Mutch aged 8 born Rayne
Charles Mutch aged 6 born Rayne
John Mutch aged 3 born Rayne
Mary Mutch aged 3 born Rayne 
Mutch, James (I1903)
79 1881 Census Farm servant at Glenlogie Chapel of Garioch Middleton, William (I138)
80 1881 census Fyvie gives us Isabella Donald daughter b 1864 Dwelliing Burnside father John Donald and mother Margaret Donald, Isabella (I1560)
81 1881 Census gives Address as 10 Institution Street Gamrie Banff John Cruickshank Head Meal Miller age 33 Wife Hellen Florance Cruickshank age 31 born Wartle
Seven children are listed 
Cruickshank, John (I2293)
82 1881 Census gives David living at 112 Stockwell Gate Mansfield Notts age 62 Frame Work Knitter, with his wife Carline Age 58
Also in the house is Grand Daughter Rebecca Chapman age 17 Cotton Spinner born Hucknall I imagine she is here because her father Robert has died and her mother Catherine has remarried
Family legend has her father as William Chapman but I believe him to be Robert from her marriage certificate 
Chapman, David (I3045)
83 1881 Census gives John as living at Forest Street Sutton in Ashfield Nottingham he is a widower age 58 occupation Stocking Frame Knitter
School exercise book has come to light giving revised date of birth for John 
Burton, John (I1361)
84 1881 Census gives us a possible sighting of Ernest A Crossley as a child age 5 He is living at 66 Penny Street Lancaster
Head of household is Mary Poole widow age 58 Born Heysham There are three Poole children alongside two grandsons(1) William D Crossley age 7 and presumably his brother (2) Ernest A Crossley
In Addition there are two Poole granddaughters Mary E age 7 and Elizabeth J age 2
I have to surmise that something has befallen the Crossley parents and the children are being raised by their widowed grandmother alongside her brood all now earning
A search of the 1901 census yields several Ernests who are possibles including one age 25 born Lancs Wardle from Whitworth parish occupation Warehouseman but all too indefinite
The new 1835 online site records Earnest Albert Crossley born in the first quarter of 1876 For a birth certificate quote Lancaster Vol 8c page743 to the gereral registrars office 
Crossley, Ernest Albert (I3584)
85 1881 Census Living at Wartle Widow age 78 with unmarried daughter Angus, Catherine (I748)
86 1881 Census living in Oyne village Reid, Jean (I5037)
87 1881 Census residing at Durno Chapel of Garioch Murray, Jane (I70)
88 1881 Census return gives age 53 Occupation Crofter and horse hirer Place Braes of Fetterangus Watt, Charles (I784)
89 1881 Census Servant at North of Scotland Bank Ellon Hersister Catherine Sharp is servant at same farm as James Murray and she may have introduced them Sharp, Mary Ann (I4718)
90 1881 Census shows Helen (Thomson) married farm servants wife age 22 born Rothiemay living at Daes Oyne with her son Leslie age 2 born Rothiemay and Isobel Kelman neice age 6 also Rothiemay Thomson, Helen (I167)
91 1881 Census shows Middleton Family in Durno Place Chapel of Garioch Aberdeen SourceFHL Film 0203453 RRO Ref Volume 179 Enum Dist 3 Page Head William Middleton aged 45 Crofter of 4 acres
Wife Jane Middleton aged 36 Crofters wife
Christina aged 16 Born Oyne
John aged 13 born Bourtie
James 10 born Oyne
George aged 8 Born Chapel of Garioch
Elspet aged 6 born Chapel of Garioch
Jane aged 4 born Chapel of Garioch
Elizabeth aged 3 born Chapel of Garioch
Alexander aged 10 months also Mary Ann aged 10 months Chapel of Garioch

Earlier entry of Margaret conflicts with age of James and so they canot be siblings Margaret identified by Hunter Mitchell as belonging to grandparents in 1881 Census 
Middleton, William (I134)
92 1881Census Dwelling
Moss-side Wartle
Peter Burr head aged 42 Farmer 5 acres
Mary Burr Wife aged 37
Peter Burr son aged 13 born Rayne
Charles Burr aged 11 "
Robert Burr aged 9 "
Mary Jane Burr aged 7 "
William Burr aged 4 "
Agnes Burr aged ? "

Peter Burr Occupation 1865 Agricultural labourer on son James' birth certificate 
Burr, Peter (I1549)
93 1891 Census gives George as Licensed Victualler b Winkburnage 27 Wife Alice also 27and three children
Pub may have been Hen and Chicken 
Adlington, George (I5999)
94 1901 Census Dorothy age 75 and Mabel her sister living Tiverton Adlington, Dorothy (I5659)
95 1901 Census Enu 4 Page 11 Oyne village we have Susan Jaffray Head Widow age 72 living on own means born Oyne Also an Isabella Jaffray age 17 born Oyne servant Jaffray, Isabella (I172)
96 1901 Census gives Ethel working for Alfred Page Head Draper of 100 to 104 High Street Lewisham
There were four Drapers assisants employed including Ethel who is age 25 single born Slough Bucks
Alfred Page is age 39 from Upper Norwood and his wife Annie is age 28 born Somerset They have a child Alfred of 10 months and living in is brother in law Leonard Walker age 17 also born Somerset
In addition they have three servants a cook a housemaid and a nurse
Ethel marries Jack Trill the year after the Census
Death Registration details Havering Vol 5c page 131Oct 1970 
Ashby, Ethel Eugenie (I1285)
97 1901 Census gives James Trill age 49 Farmer and beer house keeper working on own account Born Sussex Burwash address given as(?) Road Warbleton
Wife is Mary age 48 born Kent Heldingbrough
Daughter is Besse E G E age 15 born Sussex Warbleton
Newhew is Harold Roy Trill age 13 born Kent Tonbridge
Also boarder Elizabeth WellsLuck age 51 and servant Thomas Rushman age 54 labourer on farm 
Trill, James (I1288)
98 1901 Census Ordiquhill Banffshire Jane Stevenson age 40 Widow b Huntly William age 9 Son b Enzie Janet age 7 Dau b Keith John A age 5 Son b Forgue Isabella 3 Dau b Forgue Hosie, Jane (I4629)
99 1946 Bus Driver and general labourer Later lorry driver for quarry company Jamieson, James Edward (I5011)
100 22nd July 1736 in Peterhead Aberdeenshire Family F1

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